Website Case Study: This hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only designed to show the potential benefits of retirement income planning strategies. It is not intended to project the performance of any specific investment or investment strategy. All investments and investment strategies involve risk including the possible loss of principal. Individual results of retirement plans will vary.
  • CLIENT: Donald & Mary Anderson
  • Age: Husband – Age 62, Wife – Age 60
  • Retire Date: Husband – Age 65, Wife – Age 63 (January 2016)
  • Life Expectancy: Husband – Age 85, Wife – Age 88

Don & Mary are very healthy and have longevity in their favor. They are currently paying off their home and cars and want to begin retirement debt free. Their two children are in Graduate School and Don & Mary are providing financial assistance for the next two years. After a lifetime of work, saving and sacrifice, they would like to be able to have the freedom to travel at leisure, visit extended family, enjoy fine dining and the theatre, volunteer and leave a significant legacy gift for their Church.

Don & Mary are Concerned About
  • 1. Running Out Of Money
  • 2. The Cost of Healthcare
  • 3. Inflation Eroding Their Purchasing Power
  • 4. Market Downturns

Don & Mary’s Retirement Assets
  • 401k – $380,000
  • Checking – $35,000
  • IRA – $150,000
  • SS – $456,859 (Est. Benefits w/COLA’s & Maximization)
  • 565,000 + $456,859

Net Income Goal At Retirement:
$ 5,000 (2013 Pre-Inflation Dollars)


Before The Second Opinion:

With an estimated 3.0% Inflation factor, Don & Mary will start retirement with a $5,518 monthly need that will grow quickly to $6,588 a month in Year 7 of Retirement and keep increasing throughout their lifetime. How does this affect their goals?

ALERT: If Don & Mary do not make changes to their Retirement Investment Strategy they will run out of money in the 16th year of a 25 year retirement. They are now dependent on income from Social Security and other government programs. They will need to rethink and reduce their retirement goals at the outset or risk outliving their assets.

After The Second Opinion:

With the same Inflation factor, Don & Mary now have an Investment & Income Plan for retirement that has the opportunity to sustain them through 25 years of retirement and leave an estimated Account Balance of $244,508 for their Church or other unexpected needs. We have maximized their Social Security utilizing advanced claiming strategies to increase Mary’s Spousal Benefit allowing a larger legacy to be passed on as a legacy.

SUCCESS: Through the creation of an Income Plan utilizing our Best In Class strategies Don & Mary can now transition into Retirement with all of their goals met and the peace and knowledge that they have a sustainable Cash Flow with room for adjustments should future needs change over time.



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